Book Description

From the Author The Granville Museum in Granville, Tennessee has collected information about the families who have lived in the area. Not only are there written family histories, there are also photographs, military uniforms, old farm equipment, and much more. These items all tell the history of the area and allow people to see what life was like in the past and how things have changed up to the present day. As with museums of any size, there are operating costs which must be paid in order to keep the exhibits in good shape and make them available to the public. As a way to help preserve this history, I will donate $1 of each book sold to the Granville Museum. Read more About the Author Although her goal is to eventually be able to stay at home and pursue writing as a full time career, Sheila currently works for a printed plastics company during the day and accomplishes most of her writing in the evenings. Her training and experience includes ten years in the military medical field and earning a B.S. in environmental science. She also enjoys a variety of other activities including reading, researching her family history, walking in the woods, camping, and bowling. One of her favorite things is the opportunity to watch the wildlife which often moves through the yard of her semi-rural home. Read more