Book Description

Have you ever wondered how to start an effective daycare or child care learning center? If so this book is here to help you!This book will outline exactly what you need to do to start and run an effective daycare center to provide a nourishing learning environment for young children ages 0-5. Topics that will be covered include the following:- Health and Safety In Your Setting- Configuring an Effective Learning Environment For Young Children- Understanding the Physical and Cognitive Development of a Child- How to Communicate Effectively with Children- Promoting Creativity In Your Setting- Helping a Child Flourish In Your Setting- Building Positive Social Skills in Children- How to Effectively Address Challenging Behaviors Such as Bullying- Working with Families- How to Manage Your Daycare as a Business- Being ProfessionalIf you have the talent and the passion to work with young children, this book will be the definitive step-by-step guide for you. Download your copy now to get started!