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Review 'Not only does this book deliver on the topic, but readers also gain an insightful perspective on human nature. The editors allos readers to make their own interpretation, which adds to the excellence of the book. The Meaning of Life: A Reader should be considered a valuable addition to the scholarship of this topic.'--Mindy Young, Dialogue'The book includes a broad selection of some of the best philosophical writings on the question of the meaning of life; there is no other volume like this one.'--Timothy Shanahan, Loyola Marymount University'Klemke and Cahn have done a masterful job amassing historical and contemporary writings that students should grapple with as they question the meaning of life.'--Mary Domski, University of New Mexico'The third edition of this reader provides a strong foundation for helping students to think critically and systematically about the nature of reality and the meaning of life.'--Dawn Jakubowski, University of Central Arkansas Read more About the Author Klemke is a professor of philosophy at Iowa State University.Steven M. Cahn is one of America's most distinguished teachers of philosophy. He has authored or edited more than forty books as well as numerous articles, most in the fields of metaphysics, philosophy of religion, ethics, political philosophy, and philosophy of education. Among his works are FATE, LOGIC, AND TIME; SAINTS AND SCAMPS: ETHICS IN ACADEMIA, 25th Anniversary Edition; FROM STUDENT TO SCHOLAR; A CANDID GUIDE TO BECOMING A PROFESSOR; PUZZLES & PERPLEXITIES: COLLECTED ESSAYS, Second Edition; EXPLORING ETHICS, Second Edition (ED.); POLITICAL PHILOSOPHY; THE ESSENTIAL TEXTS, Second Edition (ED.); THE AFFIRMATIVE ACTION DEBATE, Second Edition (ED.); EXPLORING PHILOSOPHY OF RELIGION (ED.); and CLASSICS OF WESTERN PHILOSOPHY, Seventh Edition. Read more