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Review The state of California is in desperate financial straits. So desperate that they are releases thousands of convicted felons before their sentences are served and completed in order to avoid the cost of their further incarceration. This is a phenomena of our times that is becoming more and more common all across the country. That's just one reason why 'Time Does Not Heal All Wounds: How To Fight A Parole' by Kathleen Connelly Takats is so timely, so important, and so urgently recommended to the attention of anyone who has ever lost a loved one to a criminal, only to be confronted by that person's early release through the process of the parole. Kathleen writes with personal experience. John Duffy murdered her fifteen-year-old brother James in 1979. He was convicted of this homicide and sentenced to '20 years to life' in prison. She has worked tirelessly and effectively to insure that her brother's killer would not walk free but remain in prison for the rest of his life in payment for the life he had ended. 'Time Does Not Heal All Wounds' is the story of her research, letter writing, and media involvement to deny Duffy a parole. Her story is also a practical and strongly recommended guide for others to achieve what she has been able to do -- insure that justice is not subverted, but is carried out to the letter of the law. --Midwest Book Review, August 2009 Read more