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Review invaluable presentation of, and rationale for, the central descriptive apparatus of Halliday's systemic-functional grammar of English...essential reading for all students of English textual structure, teeming with insights.Michael Toolan, University of Birmingham, UKAnyone who claims any interest in practical grammar and its relationship to theoretical grammar should certainly familiarise themselves with it.Studies in Second Language AcquisitionThis is a must if one is to study functional linguistics.Dr E Ventola, University of Salzburg'Very complete - best textbook for functional grammar.'Prof C Sionis, La Rochell UniversityThis book does what it sets out to do - it presents a (very detailed) introduction to (systemic) functional grammar ... The book is well signposted, with clear chapter headings and section subheadings. There is also extensive cross-referencing between sections throughout ... I recommend this book to readers who want to understand what systemic-functional grammar offers to text analysis.Elaine W. Vine, NZSAL Read more About the Author Michael Halliday is Adjunct Professor at Macquarie University, Sydney Christian Matthiessen is Professor of Linguistics at Macquarie University, Australia Read more