Book Description

Reading Lessons Through Literature is a pick-up and go Orton phonogram reading program organized around the stories in The Elson Readers. Like other Orton phonogram programs, it focuses on teaching reading through spelling. First children learn the basic phonograms. Then they begin writing their spelling words, analyzing them, and reading them for practice. And finally, they begin to read stories which include the words they've learned. RLTL teaches 75 basic phonograms. In Level 1, the spelling lists are organized around the stories in The Elson Readers Primer. Level 1 includes instructional material, the spelling lists, and The Elson Readers Primer, so there are no additional readers to purchase. In the Primer, multi-letter phonograms are underlined and multi-syllable words are separated between syllables to help the beginning reader. An optional PDF Phonogram Workbook is available at