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From Library Journal Using Buddhism as the basis, this unusual travel guide teaches the reader how to keep a travel journal. Currie, a well-traveled environmental scientist, believes that keeping a journal while traveling leads one to self-discovery and life contemplations and helps one to relive vacation memories more vividly when returning home. Currie begins by discussing the necessity of keeping a travel journal, the process for selecting a journal, and 'the method' or suggested format for journal writing. Then, in a light-hearted and funny tone, Currie provides tips on travel dos and don'ts based on his own experiences. Touchstones or inspirational quotes taken from literature, Buddha, and even rock stars such as the Beatles are used to connect the chapters, while charts, tables, and cartoons help to illustrate Currie's main points in more detail. This insightful and comical book is a joy to read and should be added to all travel collections.DStephanie Papa, Baltimore Cty. Circuit Court Law Lib., MD Copyright 2000 Reed Business Information, Inc. Read more Review A masterful guide for anyone craving meaningful adventure. Poetic yet practical.... -- Sonia Choquette, author of True BalanceA powerful passport to magical and meaningful travel. -- Satish Kumar, author of Path Without DestinationChock-full of reminders to those who may want to follow in the footsteps of pious travelers walking to Jerusalem, Bodh Gaya, or Basho's Far Province... -- Phil Cousineau, author of The Art of the PilgrimageThis insightful and comical book is a joy to read and should be added to all travel collections. -- Booklist Read more See all Editorial Reviews