Book Description

The mind of Zen Buddhism is revealed through authentic sacred art and profoundly simple wisdom. Zenga art, Zen-inspired brushstroke paintings, surprises and confounds our expectations; although created by 17th and 18th century monks who were amateur painters, they have a startlingly modern appeal. The Gitter-Yelen collection of Zenga paintings is widely regarded as one of the preeminent collections in the West. Each month, the Zen Mind 2008 wall calendar features a Zenga masterwork paired with quotes from Not Always So by Shunryu Suzuki (1905-1971). Suzuki-roshi was considered one of the most influential Zen teachers of his time and was a direct spiritual descendent of the 13th century Zen master, Dogen. Sample Caption: "Our life is momentary, and, at the same time, each moment includes its own past and future. In this way, our momentary and eternal life will continue. This is how we actually live our everyday life, how we enjoy our everyday life, and how we have freedom from difficulties."