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Review December 21, 2012 is now a worldwide phenomenon and what this date signifies is quite controversial. The main debate is whether 2012 signifies the day the world will end or does it signify the beginning of the Age of Aquarius? The I survived 2012 Daily Journal offers an alternative to this debate. The journal is not concerned with what will happen (or not happen) in 2012. What is more important are people creating their own significant days. By using this journal, you will wake up each day knowing you are going to do something spectacular. Here s how it works: Each day begins by prompting you to think of one significant act you will do. Significant acts can be as simple as taking a loved one out to lunch or as big as planning a trip to Europe. At the end of the day you are prompted to write about the experience the significant act created. And lastly, you are prompted to write down any other thoughts and ideas you had that day. The key is keeping it short and simple. In less than 10 minutes a day, you can create a lasting legacy you and your loved ones can cherish well beyond 2012. --Author Read more About the Author Philip Davis lives in American Fork, Utah and runs a self-publishing company. The I Survived 2012 Daily Journal is his first prompt journal with many others on the way. Mr. Davis also co-wrote a book about success called, How To Become a Total Failure: The Ten Rules of Highly Unsuccessful People. The book takes a humorous look at the 10 behaviors that appear to bring success in the short-run, but usually lead to failure in the long-run. Read more