Book Description

By the time he was five, Derrick knew there was something different about his life. His home, for example, gave off some special energy that he clearly felt. His mother explains to Derrick and his siblings that her unusual visitors and older relatives are familiar with the history of his house. Even though he lives in a center city neighborhood, nature seems to intervene on a regular basis. Derrick later realizes that this phenomenon is not exclusive to one particular area; both nature and the supernatural seem to follow him wherever he goes. In his adult life Derrick has physical encounters with a Wicca practitioner, different species of vermin, animals, a haunted woman, and an evil train. After Derrick purchases the building and medical practice of his brother, certain odd things begin to occur. He learns about Dr. Schadt, the prior physician who is now deceased, then Myra, the haunted woman, is led to Derrick under mysterious circumstances. Her presence in the building has escalated Dr. Schadt's activities especially after Myra's disastrous séance. His antics end up creating concern for their safety. The author attempts to show how the negative entity is entwined in the daily routine of the building. Certain factors are discussed for the reader to surmise their own opinion as to why these true events unfolded. This book is a collection of true tales that happened to the author, his family, friends, and loved ones…. So far.