Book Description

From the Publisher Circle of Life presents, in written form, traditional oral Native American sacred teachings involving spirituality, ceremonies, visions, healings, everyday life, and the warrior?s way from the Iroquois, Lakota and other traditions. The author, James David Audlin (Distant Eagle), has been receiving these teachings orally from elders since he was a youth. The wisdom includes Native American views on cosmology, ethics, epistemology, metaphysics, sociology, psychology, healing, dream interpretation and vision quests. The intention of Circle of Life is to pass these teachings on 'to the seventh generation.' Audlin shows how the 'Red Road' is available to everyone, regardless of religion or ethnicity, who is willing to follow its paths. These paths, however, are often not easy and require deep personal and spiritual commitment. Circle of Life can be used as a guide on this journey. As Audlin says in his introduction, 'If this book serves any purpose, let it be to help us bring the Sacred Hoop of all the Nations back together again, so we and all that live may stand as one in silent awe before that Great Mystery.' Read more From the Author This edition, published in 1996, is abridged. Many readers love this edition, and are quite satisfied with it.But, if you prefer the COMPLETE edition, find the version that has 'The' in the title: 'THE Circle of Life' - or go to the following link: Read more See all Editorial Reviews