Book Description

Preface This is a tall tale or is it? Can a man journey back in time with his sub-conscience? You will see a true account about the nature of our Native Americans. I tell the tale in fiction but use facts as to how they relate to the tale. There is a Town Hill where once an Indian village stood. There is a County named Tazewell in Virginia, where a great river starts. Go back with the Colonel as he tells this tale of back to the Indians in a fantastic dream. My Transcending I live in the twenty-first century with all the marvels of electronics and speeding automobiles. I live a modern life with the exception that I love to read and do research on the past. I have often wondered what it would be like to go back in time and see our country in its virgin state. I always wanted to see how our Native Americans lived and how it all fit together. I wonder what they thought when they saw the first paleface in their world. I had been having trouble sleeping so I had my doctor prescribe me some sleeping pills. After a busy day I had supper, watched a little television. I took my new sleeping pills and headed off to bed. After tossing and turning for about a minute I was out like a light. An incredible thing happened next; I was transcended back in time to the deep woods of western Virginia to around 1600. I looked around at all the great beauty of the land and vegetation about me. The whole area was covered with a great canopy of trees. I could hardly phantom the site as I gazed upon this great beauty. The sun's rays crisscrossed through the high branches to create lumens' of heavenly light. I noticed the size of the tree trunks and guessed that most had to be 30 to 40 feet in circumference. I noticed that the woods floor was mostly clear of brush and that numerous trails crossed the vast woodland. I heard many sounds as the birds and animals communicated with each other. I looked at myself and even pinched my arm to see if it was me standing there taking it all in. Ouch! It was me, but how I got here I cannot imagine. I looked at my wrist watch to see the time. According to my watch it was 3:05, but what day, month and year I had no idea. I had on my denim shorts, sport shoes and short ankle socks. I had on an old blue "T" shirt with the words, "Richlands High School." on it. This was the high school I attended back in the 1960's.