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Review Medicine Seeker can serve as a valuable walk on the pathway of Native Spirituality for people who wish to discover and learn the value and credibility of Native American heritage, culture, religion, and spirituality. Stan's writing is basic, but creative, giving readers a taste of complex Native shamanism, beliefs, and practices, tribal spirituality, and knowledge of healing. --Robert Lake Thom -- Medicine Grizzly BearThis book is one of the most inspirational and educational books I have read in a long time. I felt as if I was a part of the journey and the authors family. Not only is the history and Animal Guide quiz helpful but the tales and artwork throughout are also extremely enjoyable. I strongly recommend this novel to readers searching for spiritual enlightenment or a bona fide read. --C. Maland Read more From the Publisher Hear the voices of Medicine People and Native Healers as they patiently guide children of the modern age into a wondrous world, ancient and sacred, yet relevant today. You will experience their knowledge and medicine. One section of Medicine Seeker introduces readers to the Rock People - their secrets and how they can help us. Legend tells us a personal Watai (stone) waits somewhere in the world for each of us. Readers who love rocks and crystals will find answers here. Read more See all Editorial Reviews