Book Description

From the Author A 'home' is more than the structure we live in. A home is an intimate physical space that spiritually connects those who dwell within it. Blessing this space is a natural human inclination, as evidenced through the wealth of blessings and rituals spanning cultures and religious traditions. My own home-based traditions and deep love of home and family compelled me to assemble this collection. The idea of a book to honor the simple pleasures of home was seeded by my good friend and gift-creating guru Jody Houghton. She suggested a volume devoted to this universal idea would be an appropriate addition to my collections of verse. She was right. The idea was instantly fueled by thoughtful submissions from contributors who shared sentiments that were both personal and all embracing. The resulting treasure trove of wisdoms and insights, coupled with traditional sayings and blessings for the home and family, have blended into an enchanting collection that, like a happy home, is a delight to share. So I invite you, dear readers, to bring this collection into your homes and hearts and be warmed by the blessings, meditations, prayers, and poems herein that celebrate and honor the sacred space we call home. -June Cotner Read more About the Author June Cotner is the best-selling author of more than a dozen anthologies of poems and blessings, including Graces and Wedding Blessings. She lives in Poulsbo, Washington. Read more