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Review Praise for Theirs Not to Reason Why Hellfire?Highly entertaining and extremely involving in equal measure.? ?Shadowhawk, The Founding Fields?This exciting addition to a fantastic space opera series continues to provide a mesmerizing multi-layered read.??Night Owl ReviewsAn Officer?s Duty ?Fast-paced with terrific battle scenes and deep characterizations.??Genre Go Round ReviewsA Soldier?s Duty ?Reminiscent of both Starship Troopers and Dune?Successfully balances its military and science fiction elements.??Publishers Weekly ?Full of suspense, danger, and intrigue, this new series shows a lot of promise. Fans of military science fiction will definitely want to check out this surprising and exciting novel.?? engrossing military sf series?a good read.??SF Signal Read more About the Author Jean Johnson is the national bestselling author of both military science fiction and fantasy romance, including the series Theirs Not to Reason Why and Sons of Destiny. Read more See all Editorial Reviews