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From Booklist Henry's superior military sf novel takes us aboard a modern space warship (as opposed to one conceptually derived from C. S. Forester), the USS Michaelson, and confronts its protagonist, Ensign Paul Sinclair, more with ethical dilemmas than with risks to life and limb. Not that the latter aren't there, in the form of accidents and a confrontation with a South Asian survey vessel that, when Captain Paul Wakeman believes it is attacking, the Michaelson destroys. When Wakeman is hauled before a court-martial for disobeying his orders, Sinclair is called to defend him. The captain, Sinclair insists, shouldn't be scapegoated for actions within the bounds of his orders, even if those orders were poorly phrased, and Wakeman's judgment was flawed. The last third of the book recalls nothing so much as The Caine Mutiny Court-Martial in an sf setting, and it attains the same high level of achievement. Although Henry probably has too much taste to launch a googolplexology from this book, if he were to do so, discerning readers might applaud. Roland GreenCopyright ? American Library Association. All rights reserved Read more Review Praise for A Just Determination'Hemry is the real thing . . . thrilling excitement on every page.' --Capt. David E. Meadows, USN, author of the Dark Pacific series'Superior military SF . . . Recalls nothing so much as The Caine Mutiny in space, and it attains the same high level of achievement.' --Booklist'Paul Sinclair is exactly the kind of guy you want to serve with, and exactly the kind of reluctant hero that great series are made from.' --SFRevu'John Hemry, a writer who relies on his own naval experience for verisimilitude in his storytelling, gives SF it own JAG with this intelligent and engrossing legal drama . . . Worthwhile and provocative.' --SF Reviews'A remarkably impressive work . . . This is military science fiction at its best.' --Rambles'Hemry explores gallantry, honor, duty, and patriotism--as well as their opposites--in a book where both the court scenes and the space-chase scenes are page-turners.' --Steve Miller, coauthor of the Liaden Universe (R) novels Read more See all Editorial Reviews