Book Description

Review A must-have book for anyone who is developing or regulating a transgenic crop. (Norman C. Ellstrand, author of Dangerous Liaisons? When Cultivated Plants Mate with Their Wild Relatives)A solid initial reference book for anyone dealing with, or interested in, the transfer of genes between cultivated and free-growing plants. This book will undoubtedly promote awareness on biodiversity in the context of plant domestication and cultivation. (Marie-Jos?e Simard Evolutionary Applications)This valuable work will serve as an important resource for biosafety regulators, crop breeders, and others involved in decision making for managing crop plants to preserve genetic diversity, particularly in developing countries that are centers of diversity for crop species. (Choice)This is a timely, well-edited compendium of information on major crops and gene flow between them and their wild relatives. (Lytton John Musselman Plant Science Bulletin)A useful compendium and a starting point for someone wanting detailed information on globally and economically important crops. (Conservation Biology)I highly recommend this book. It is a valuable resource that will draw the reader's attention to many issues. (Mary Eubanks Economic Botany)A reference guide that should be essential reading for any agriculturist who is interested in the utilization and conservation of agrobiodiversity. (Laura R. Lewis Quarterly Review of Biology) Read more About the Author Meike S. Andersson is the project manager at Ecoagriculture Partners and is coeditor, with Dr. de Vicente, of DNA Banks: Providing Novel Options for Genebanks. M. Carmen de Vicente is a program leader with the Consultative Group on International Agricultural Research's Generation Challenge Program. Both worked at Bioversity International while writing this book. Read more