Book Description

From Library Journal Sutherland believes decisions made by professionals are not really more rational than those made by others. While detailing this argument, he expatiates upon garden-variety irrational behavior, including social and emotional biases, jumping to conclusions, and not taking account of all cases. He concludes that fully rational behavior is not always possible and indeed may not even be the most desirable course. Sutherland (psychology, Univ. of Sussex; International Dictionary of Psychology, LJ 6/1/89) includes some suggestions for thought and action at the end of the chapters, but this is not a how-to book and may not be readily accessible to the lay reader. The dry prose, many British spellings, and occasional British terminology may turn off casual readers. Of most interest to psychology professors and graduate students, who will appreciate the extensive bibliography. Recommended for large academic psychology collections.Scott Johnson, Meridian Community Coll. Lib., Miss.Copyright 1994 Reed Business Information, Inc. Read more