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Review 'I think this is an excellent book...My students and I like the way the text is organized, find the content well presented, and would urge the author to 'stay the course'...Out of 236 students that have taken the distance version of the course and completed surveys, ... 211 believe I should continue to use the text in the future.''Finding this book for my class was the foundation upon which I could build an exciting course which appealed across several disciplines. I had students in the class from several majors across the campus, and they were able to understand the text and add their own unique perspectives to the classroom discussions stimulated by the text. Using the Switzer text generated the best outcome I have had for an environmental law or policy class in two decades of teaching.''ENVIRONMENTAL POLITICS is the best general text on the market.''A favorite among students and instructors because of its clear writing, comprehensiveness and meticulous updating. Switzer's text is encyclopedic in its coverage of environmental politics. A great resource for environmental professional and concerned citizen.''Switzer's book has a better balance among environmental issues than its competitors and does a far better job of integrating science and politics in a coherent conversation about policy.' Read more About the Author Jacqueline Vaughn is Professor of Political Science at Northern Arizona University, where she specializes in public policy. Professor Vaughn holds a PhD in political science from the University of California, Berkeley, where she also attended the Graduate School of Public Policy. Previously, she taught at the University of Redlands and at Southern Oregon University. Professor Vaughn has a broad spectrum of nonacademic experience in both the public and private sectors. Her environmental background stems from her work with the South Coast Air Quality Management District in Southern California and with Southern California Edison, where she served as a policy analyst. Professor Vaughn's previously published books include THE POWER OF PLAY, GREEN BACKLASH: THE HISTORY AND POLICY OF ENVIRONMENTAL OPPOSITION IN THE UNITED STATE, DISABLED RIGHTS: AMERICAN DISABILITY POLICY AND THE FIGHT FOR EQUALITY, ENVIRONMENTAL ACTIVISM: A REFERENCE HANDBOOK, GEORGE W. BUSH'S HEALTHY FORESTS: REFRAMING THE ENVIRONMENTAL DEBATE (coauthored with Hanna Cortner), MANAGERIAL DISCRETION IN GOVERNMENT DECISION-MAKING (co-authored with Eric Otenyo), and WASTED MANAGEMENT: A REFERENCE HANDBOOK. Read more