Book Description

Book Description Previously published separately, the two books aha! Gotcha and aha! Insight are here combined as a single volume. The aha! books, as they are referred to by fans of the author Martin Gardner, contain 144 wonderful puzzles from the reigning king of recreational mathematics. Read more About the Author Martin Gardner published his first book in 1935. Since then he has published more than 60 books, most of them about mathematics and science, but also philosophy and literature. He has charmed readers of all ages with his mathematical insights and his sense of fun. He has written one novel, The Flight of Peter Fromm and a collection of short stories, The No-Sided Professor. He wrote the popular Mathematical Games column for Scientific American for 25 years. The entire collection of all of Martin Gardner's Scientific American columns, Martin Gardner's Mathematical Games, are available form the MAA, on one CD in a searchable database. This CD contains all 15 of the published books that contained these columns. Read more