Book Description

From the Back Cover The essential introductory guide to computational fluid dynamics As modern advancements continue to generate growth in computer power, and as new, more accurate and effective numerical techniques are developed, computational fluid dynamics is emerging as a primary method for analyzing fluid flows and heat transfer. CFD is used in many areas, such as astrophysics, weather prediction, and biomedical research, but mainly in engineering, where it has become an everyday tool of design and optimization. Essential Computational Fluid Dynamics shows why it is imperative for newcomers in this field as well as for experienced engineers to understand the basics of CFD analysis in order to apply available CFD software correctly and efficiently. This indispensable companion: Introduces computational fluid dynamics to undergraduate and graduate students, as well as to working professionals in the areas of practical applications of CFD, such as mechanical, civil, chemical, or environmental engineering Focuses on the needs of someone who wants to apply the CFD software and understand how it works, rather than develop new codes Covers all the major topics, from the basics of discretization to turbulence modeling and uncertainty analysis Discusses complex issues using simple examples and rein-forces learning with problems With expert guidance and a wealth of useful techniques, this book offers a clear, concise, and accessible account of the essentials needed to conduct and interpret a CFD analysis. Read more About the Author Oleg Zikanov is an Associate Professor in the Department of Mechanical Engineering at the University of Michigan?Dearborn. Read more