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Review 'In When to Worry, Dr. Boesky has developed a masterpiece.'?????????? -David Satcher, M.D., Ph.D., 16th Surgeon General of the United States''When to Worry' is a gem. Boesky's compassion for parents and their children shines through on every page. Her solid knowledge, astute appraisals and calls for action make this book a sound and reliable reference not only for parents, but for anyone working with families and teens.' -'Counseling Today Magazine' Read more Book Description iParenting Media Award Parents can easily feel overwhelmed when suddenly faced with a moody, defiant, unfocused, unpredictable, angry or overly sensitive teenager. They wonder if these changes are a normal part of adolescence of if their teen is in need of help. When to Worry helps parents distinguish typical teenage behaviors from those that merit concern. It then walks parents through steps they can take to help troubled teens before it's too late. Parents will learn: Warning signs of potential problems Which strategy works best for each issue How to effectively communicate with teens How and where to get help, if needed The pros and cons of medication for teens When to Worry provides essential information on problematic teenage issues: mood swings, rebellion and defiance, school difficulties, teen depression, ADHD, alcohol and drug use, self-injury ('cutting'), low self-esteem, delinquency, learning disabilities, out of control teens, worries/fears and stress, eating disorders, aggression, bipolar disorder, aspergers, teen suicide, trauma, and more. Parents learn how to recognize warning signs of important teen problems and are given specific 'dos and don'ts' to decrease their teen's struggles and increase peace in the family home. Compassionate and reassuring, this practical and user-friendly guide is invaluable to any adult concerned about a teenage child. Read more See all Editorial Reviews