Book Description

A true story from a mother’s view about the kidnapping and murder of her 17-year-old daughter.“Upon reading this remarkable book of Hilda Smith’s and after being the prosecutor on this particular case, I find it to be compelling, dramatic, heart warming and inspirational. Moreover, the world has a new master in giving example to the healing process after the tragic death of her child Shari Smith, kidnapped and gruesomely murdered by serial killer, Larry Gene Bell. He not only murdered one child; but he taunted and sought after another. This story will fuel the fire that brings forth courage and understanding to loss. There is no mystery about why Hilda Smith wrote this intriguing true story. She delivers the best of each event of the horrific and hideous crime that was brought forth upon her family, as well as others that were involved. Smith is indeed a word artist… Truly gifted.” --Solicitor Donnie Myers, Lexington, South Carolina.