Book Description

Review This book is a great read! It takes our understanding of elder caregiving to a unique place. Author Nadine Cornish weaves together a complex tapestry of her experiences as a family caregiver and professional caregiver. She is one of those rare and inherently talented storytellers. This is a wonderful, joyful, and hopeful work that will speak to people of all ages and persuasions. Ms. Cornish s wealth of deep experiences as a caregiver shines through with spiritual strength and integrity. This is a must read for those involved in eldercare as well as for anyone who knows or cares for someone providing care. Take the time to savor this special gumbo. --Sue Bozinosvski, Ph.D. Facilitator, Denver-Boulder Professional Adv Certificate in Gerontology - University of Colorado, Colorado SpringsTears in My Gumbo is a delightful read that whets your appetite for more stories by Nadine Cornish. From her personal and professional experiences as a caregiver, she dishes up soul-full stories about caregivers and care receivers. Nadine highlights the key ingredients needed if we are to care well and be well over the course of the caregiving journey. Tears in My Gumbo is truly a recipe for success. Savor every word and allow the stories to feed your soul. No doubt, you will feel blessed after reading the book as do I. --Jane W. Barton, MTS, MASM, CSA, Author of Caregiving for the Genius, Caregiver Ambassador for AARP ColoradoThis is a masterpiece, a Jewel of Love and personal triumph in the face of adversity and uncertainty! As a Family Medicine Physician, this book opened my mind and my heart again to see how one can turn obstacles and road blocks into a creative success. The ability to care for another human life and spirit, is beyond incredible. Tears in my Gumbo is the secret sauce to caregiving. --Dr. NaNatochka M. Chumley, D.O., M.P.H. Family Medicine Physician Read more About the Author Nadine Roberts Cornish served as a devoted caregiver for her mother for 15 years. She had a 15 year background in Public Health Social Marketing Campaigns prior to her mother being diagnosed with a pituitary brain tumor. Nadine founded The Caregiver's Guardian, LLC in 2009, a year following her mother's death. A fierce advocate, researcher and champion for her mother, Nadine realized that not everyone had the resources or the skill set to do the same for their loved ones. Through TCG, she and her team of professionals have provided Care Management, Consulting and Caregiver Coaching Service to assist family caregivers around the country in all facets of the caregiving journey. A riveting and transformative speaker, trainer and educator, Nadine shares the lessons she learned through her personal journey and her travels with the family caregivers she has been blessed to serve. She uncovered resilience within herself and nurtures it in every caregiver she assists. Nadine is a Certified Senior Advisor and has earned a Professional Advancement Certification in Gerontology from the University of Colorado Gerontology Center. She is a Freedom Coach and Elite Life Coach. Read more