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Review These [skills] enabled me to see the relevance of aggression to me in ways I'd not considered. . . everyday occurrences that could escalate. (Joann Odenwelder, Division Director)[These skills] gave me some positive alternatives to physical pressure often needed with dealing with violent youth. Also gave me some techniques to use to calm a heated situation. I liked the techniques to escape, you need every resource you can gather to work with them. How to escape and protect yourself is very important. (Joan Moore)The abundance of sound solutions to violent behavior, as well as the identification of common errors in addressing violence, vaults this work way above the typical fare...The author's contribution to dealing with violence is a must addition to and security, government, or business professional's library. In fact, it should be read by anyone concerned with the escalation of violence who wants to do something about it. (Security Management)Presents a systematic aggression prevention methodology, enabling readers to recognize the early signs of mounting aggression in others and themselves, and to employ strategies to prevent aggressive incidents which endanger individuals and organizations. Useful for those who are responsible for the safety of others in their work environment?would also be accessible to the general reader. (Booknews)The advice and information in this book is not just sound and useful, but potentially lifesaving. (Lt. Col. Dave Grossman, (Ret),) Read more About the Author John D. Byrnes is one of the leading authorities on preventing aggression in the workplace and in schools. He has conducted aggression management workshops for some of the nation's largest employers, among them the United States Postal Service, NASA, United States Department of Agriculture, and Disney Development. He has published articles extensively and has spoken before many national associations. This is his first book. Read more