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Review This book can save you from being a victim with its practical, simple procedures, well illustrated by numerous case studies and examples.--Johnny Lee, Workplace Violence Specialist, North Carolina Office of State Personnel?Smith uses apt anecdotes and a narrative style that keeps the reader eager, awake, and open to turning old saws into new tools of conflict resolution. This book will earn a place with the all-too-few great practical writings on preventing and managing aggression in many contexts.'--Foreword MagazineReading Shawn Smith?s section on the ?testing rituals? of Expert Aggressors, I was fascinated to recognize people I had in fact encountered, and some simple methods and useful phrases for extricating myself in the future. A valuable piece of assertiveness training.--George J. Leonard, Prof. of Interdisciplinary Humanities, San Francisco State University; author, Into the Light of Things Read more About the Author Shawn T. Smith is the founder of Peaceful Paths, a company that provides violence prevention training and security consulting. He developed and teaches two violence prevention programs: Managing a Hostile Public, designed mainly for the workplace, and Defense Skills for Women, which includes both verbal and physical defense skills. Smith's company has presented these courses to students, government entities, private corporations, and the general public. He's received coverage for his work in numerous newspapers, on radio talk shows, and on television. In addition to degrees in Communication and Psychology from the University of Colorado at Denver, Smith has had years of first-hand experience with violence prevention, patrolling the streets with the Guardian Angels and serving as a trainer and senior patrol leader for the nationally renowned organization. His background also includes work in a group home for troubled and violent teens, and in a drug and alcohol detoxification facility. Smith has studied martial arts for seventeen years. Read more