Book Description

Control from the bottom up. Frame your strategy in the positive. Close your eyes for feel. These are just a few guidelines from golf professional Bill Kroen, author of "Golf Dynamics and "The New Why Book of Golf. Back for the thirteenth year, this calendar has sold more than 1 million copies to date. Written for both the novice and professional golfer, the calendar features a tip each day to help you hone your game: Swinging, chipping, putting, strategizing, setting up, positioning, and more are all covered. A few examples: When you are in a greenside bunker, take a moment to read the green as you would a putt. To hit long, accurate drives, you should have a feeling of freedom to your swing. Try to swing at the same rhythm and tempo with every swing. This calendar will help improve the game of any of the 26.4 million golfers in the United States.