Book Description

About the Author As a business major coming from a sales and marketing background, I never had the privilege to learn logic in undergraduate school. So the first time I saw a LSAT problem I was petrified. I faced an extra layer of toughness studying for this beast. The good news is through my 'sweat equity' I will teach you exactly how to think about the LSAT from a non-traditional student's perspective. I put in every tip and trick I picked up including thinking scripts to give you a slight advantage. As you will soon learn every point means scholarship money and an opportunity to get into a higher ranked school. So study hard and see you in law school! Note: This book is designed to teach you how to think about strategies differently for those scoring under 150. Also, there are NO practice problems, simply scripts to think. Make sure you combine this book with professional tutors and classes to enrich your learning experience. Read more