Book Description

The TOEFL Master has over 12,000 hours of classroom teaching and ALL TOEFL Master students are either attending a major university in the US or are just passing the course.The TOEFL Master's Guide is so effective because it teaches you easy to use proven methods to answer all TOEFL questions quickly and accurately using the rules and structures the test is based on: even if you have to guess .These easy to use methods are designed to earn you a TOEFL score of over 100: earning you SCHOLARSHIPS!The TOEFL Master difference? This is a college prep book as well as TOEFL prep. The TOEFL master teaches the study, listening, speaking and writing skills necessary to earn high grades in university.The methods:READING - There is one sentence in the passage that is the clue for each question. You will learn how to find the exact clue and use it to answer questions quickly and accurately. There are also rules that you will use to eliminate wrong choices making guessing more effective. You will learn to READ LESS AND EARN A HIGHER SCORE!LISTENING - Listening passages are very predictable. ETS uses specific phrases for the clues that answer the questions. The TOEFL Master's Guide teaches you to listen for those phrases to take notes of ONLY the key words needed to answer questions quickly and accurately, and to use the rules to eliminate wrong choices to make guessing more effective.SPEAKING - Even if you speak English very well you could still earn a low score on the Speaking Section. The TOEFL Master's Guide teaches you the structures and rules the graders are using to score your responses so that you may EARN A HIGH SCORE EVEN IF YOUR ENGLISH ABILITIES ARE NOT THAT GOOD!WRITING - Just as in the Speaking Section, graders are using a 'rubric' (rules) to score your responses. The TOEFL Master's Guide teaches you the rules as well as how to create an outline and write essays just as you will in university that will earn you a high score. Read more