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Review Martin Sheen 'In this wonderful book Father Codd brilliantly captures for us the essence of pilgrimage. He is a candid and engaging guide to the physical realities involved ? the beauty of nature, the aches and pains of weariness, and other pilgrims along the way. More than that, though, he reveals the interior journey, equally difficult and equally rewarding. It is a spiritual and emotional trek on which pilgrims are confronted with their own broken humanity and come face to face with the God they seek.'Tom Korologos ? Former U.S. Ambassador to Belgium 'Father Kevin Codd's fascinating, thirty-five-day pilgrimage comes to life, step by physical and mental step, in this remarkable book about his 500-mile adventure-filled trek to fulfill a dream. I found myself joining, indeed even pulling for, this limping American pilgrim Catholic priest telling about his challenges and triumphs of body and spirit. I even got sympathy blisters on my feet as I joined him on the twisted road to Santiago. Written in the tradition of a Hemingway. Bravo, Father Codd!'Commonweal ?Both a pilgrimage journal and a priest?s wonderfully unsentimental meditation on faith.? ?Worship ?The fascinating story of the thirty-five days and nights spent traversing the camino. . . .Beautifully written.? ?Spirit & Life ?To say that this book is a delightful experience is putting it far too mildly. It is rather a high spiritual adventure as one travels day by day, mile by mile to the famous Spanish shrine of St. James, along with the author and many of the pilgrims he meets and loves along the way. . . . May this inspirational book find a wide readership and bring its message of love and faith to a world sorely in need.? ?The Pilgrim (Belgium) ?To the Field of Stars has become a travelogue that disarms by its lack of pretense, and enthralls by its sincerity. ? ? Read more About the Author Kevin A. Codd is pastor of Sacred Heart Catholic Church inOthello, Washington. From 2001 to 2007 he served asrector-president of The American College of Louvain,Belgium. In 2007 he completed a second pilgrimage fromLouvain to Santiago de Compostela, which he chronicledonline at Read more