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Review 'I loved this book ... I must have laughed aloud at least once in every chapter ... The advice in the book is terrific.' - Lonely Planet. 'Karen McCann's engaging style and sense of humor are both refreshing and immediately evident. In fact, I find them reminiscent of British author Peter Mayle and his romps in France, but with a bit more substance.' - Spain Expat. ?'Her book is one long, glorious love letter to the Andalucian capital and its quirky, warm-hearted people.' - I Was an Expat Wife. ?From the very first page the story fizzed with the energy of possibilities being discussed and plans being made.?. . This book was an entertaining read, full of wry observations,?dry wit and an acute sense of the ridiculous. I am now even more certain that one day I want to live abroad. -?Polly Burns,?Caught Writing?? Dancing in the Fountain?is McCann's?very entertaining, whimsical and heartfelt look?at the expat life.?-?Karen Jones,?The Daily Basics Read more From the Author This book includes a reading group guide. 'One of the first things I discovered upon moving to Seville was an English-language book club for expats,' says McCann. 'And it was a lifesaver. Much as I enjoyed immersing myself in a foreign culture, it was exhausting to speak another language so much of the time. And reading Spanish books was glacially slow; with my skimpy vocabulary I had to look up every other word in the dictionary. In my English-language book club, I could talk freely with fellow expats about books, life, and the importance of mentally unpacking your bags when you move to a new place. Best of all, they got my jokes and provided much-needed support and perspective, especially during the early stages of adapting to my new home.' Read more See all Editorial Reviews