Book Description

Yankees are proud of their resilience, toughness and dry humor. From their origins as seekers of freedom and a new life, New Englanders have represented pragmatism, tolerance, ingenuity and optimism. The enduring ocean and bedrock granite typify Yankee spirit and wisdom. The image of the Yankee is the image of America. A mix of contradictions, Yankees balance a love of freedom and individual liberty with a respect for their community. They are well-educated, yet rustic. The New England Transcendentalists adopted Eastern religious ideas well over 150 years ago. The Yankee Wisdom 2009 wall calendar features the thoughtful ponderings of Emerson, Dickinson and Thoreau mixed with the down-home humor and advice of The Old Farmer's Almanac. Photographs of the peaceful New England landscape bring to life and give context to the wisdom of the Yankee.