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Review It is surely remarkable to write of a guidebook that is difficult to put down. But it is certainly true of this one. ECONOMIST Calls our attention to everything beautiful, historic or curious left in the heart of London. SUNDAY TIMES Has strong claims to be among the best guidebooks ever written. SUNDAY TELEGRAPH Urbane, charming and supremely elegantly written, it contrives to impart lustre even to Leicester Square.HOUSE AND GARDEN That unremittingly excellent work of topography, David Piper's Companion Guide.... GUARDIAN (Smallweed) Read more About the Author DAVID PIPER was an art historian, director of the Ashmolean Museum, Oxford, from 1973-1985, and before that director of the National Portrait Gallery, London. FIONNUALA JERVIS, who revised the guide, has edited and contributed to numerous historical and art historical publications, and in the course of this revision has walked every step of the way in David Piper's footprints from her home in Kensington. Read more