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For 25 years, the Nevada Media Directory™ has provided comprehensive, up-to-date information on the Nevada news media, including radio, television, newspapers, magazines, and direct mail. The directory does not accept advertising. There is no charge for the listings of the Nevada news media who are contacted by fax, e-mail, and telephone to update their listings to ensure the information is as complete and accurate as possible. The purpose of Nevada Media Directory™ is to help you more effectively communicate with the news media. We provide information on news media contacts, telephone and fax numbers, e-mail and Internet addresses, news/press release deadlines, format requirements, media delivery preferences for releases, special programming and features. Each media listing is a full page. Joshua Tree Publishing offers annual professional subscriptions which include printed editions and access to the Owl Media Guide Online which is updated quarterly. Subscribers can search the entire directory online; they can also view and print online the pages of the directory. For more information, contact Joshua Tree Publishing at (702) 792-6565 or visit About John Paul Owles and Joshua Tree Publishing Founded in 1977 in Illinois as The Owl Network, Inc., Joshua Tree Publishing has been in the media and publishing field for 25 years. With the first edition of the Nevada Media Directory in 1986, Publisher John Paul Owles embarked on a career providing updated, comprehensive media information in the state of Nevada. As technology innovation impacted the book publishing field, John Paul Owles established Joshua Tree Publishing in 1999 to help authors publish their books. Today the company has nearly 70 titles in print and has helped countless others start their own publishing companies. Currently, Joshua Tree Publishing has three imprints, Centaur Books, Heroides Publishing, and Chiral House, in addition to Joshua Tree Publishing. Joshua Tree Publishing is a traditional publisher dedicated to making your dreams of being a published author a reality. We have the expertise to help you accomplish your goals by using cutting edge technology and utilizing a network of experts in the fields of editing, page layout, cover design, graphics, marketing, and printing.